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Lymph Drainage
  LYMPH  DRAINAGE :    is a gentle technique that is used to move the lymph through the tissue places .
The function of the lymphatic system is to transport proteins and other large molecules and water back to the vascular system ,
to recirculate lymphocytes and other defense cells,
for the removal of large molecular waste materials and proteins from the body's fluids ,
to prevent edema,
maintain the body's inner balance , and to:
transportation  of absorbed long -chain fatty acids, fat -soluble vitamins, and other components taken up via the bowel's lymphatics  
Did you know that if you have even just one lymph node removed you would be at risk for developing lymhpedema for the rest of your life? And so what exactly is lymphedema anyway?  It is a condition that is caused when the nodes have been removed or damaged and lymph fluid -and debris collects in those tissues and swelling occurs...
To evacuate  the area of this fluid one must go through a procedure known as "lymph drainage "   a gentle technique  known to remove the fluids from the tissue places . 
The importance of the lymphatic system    is critical to our body's ability to be able to drain stagnant fluids ,detoxify , regenerate tissues . filter out toxins along with foreign substances,and maintain a healthy immune system.
Some of the benefits are : reduction in swelling,
Detoxification of the body ,
regeneration of tissues(from burns , and pre and post surgical scarring and anti -aging effects)
relief of chronic inflammation and conditions such as acne,eczema and allergies
immune system stimulation
reduction in the symptoms of chronic fatigu eand fibromyalgia
Relief of chronic pain
deep relaxation to aid insomnia , depression,stress, loss of vitality and memory
Antispastic actions to relieve conditions such as voluntary or involuntary muscle hypertonus
+I got all this information from Bruno Chickly,MD,DO(hon.)

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