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I graduated from Columbus State in 1999; where I  took massage training.
From there I took a class on Rock massage to amplify relaxation massage effects.
Then I got all caught up in medical massage when I took Earl Timberlake's myofacial pain and dysfunction class. I became completely enambered with John Upledger's Craniosacral Therapy classes and continued to take more and more of his classes . It is the more you learn the less you know and the more you have to know. While I was taking Craniosacral therapy classes I started taking Bruno Chickly's Lymph Drainage classes ...I found that the two intertwined in a sense one helped me to learn the other now I was in heaven..I remember after the first lymph class I went out and mapped everyone from across the room (mapping is a lymph technique that allows one to perceive the direction of lymph flow in a person). Then Bruno started teaching classes on the brain ,which put me into ecstacy to learn about the brain tissues and apply it for the well being of others is an awesome privledge. I guess what I can tell you about me is that I am the sum of all these wonderful modalities and I am loving every minute of it.
The classes that I have completed through the Upledger Institute are : 

 Brain 1, Brain2, Brain3, Brain4 ,BrainVU1,BTD08, BTD12, Craniosacral 1, Craniosacral2, Craniosacral and the Immune Response, Craniosacral Pediatrics 1, Lymph Drainge Advanced 1, Lymph Drainage 1, Lymph Drainage 2 , Lymph Drainage 3 ,Lymph Drainage Vicsera 1, Lymph Drainage Certification(LLCC) ,SomatoEmotional Release 1 , Somato-Emotional Release 2, The Brain Speaks , and Unwinding Accupuncture Meridians with Crainiosacral Therapy.
The classes that I am qualified to assist the instructors are:Brain 1, Brain 2, Brain 3, Craniosacral 1 Crainiosacral 2, Lymph Draninage 1, Lymph Drainage 2, Lymph Drainage 3, and Lymph Drainage Advanced 1, Somato-Emotional Release 1, Somato-Emotional Release 2, and Unwinding Accupuncture Meridians with Craniosacral Therapy
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